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james FergusonJames Ferguson

James Ferguson has over 25 years of experience as a stockbroker, sector analyst and macro-economic strategist. He is a founding partner of MacroStrategy Partnership and previously held the position of Head of Strategy at Westhouse Securities Limited and Chief Strategist at Pali International. He formerly held a variety of positions, predominantly covering the Japanese market at investment banks Nomura, Robert Fleming, SBC Warburg, Dresdner Kleinwort and Mitsubishi Securities, based in London and Tokyo.

Drawing on a background in Japan, James is currently looking at the western banking crisis and the implications of policy responses for economic growth prospects. James believes that an appreciation of the Japanese experience, the build up and breaking of the western crisis is critical to steering a safe course through a multi-year resolution period.

A regular contributor to Money Week since 2004, term paper writer James frequently sits on the magazine’s investment Roundtable. He has made frequent appearances on the BBC TV and radio news, as well as Sky TV, Channel 4 and Bloomberg TV commenting on economic, banking and investment matters; including co-hosting both CNBC’s Squawk Box and Worldwide Exchange programmes.

Nigel Farage


Nigel Farage will take time out from his General Election campaign to deliver a presentation that will be characterized by his straight-talking style and outspoken views. This promises to be a fascinating, cutting-edge insight into the political aspects surrounding the business world from a man who will be holding considerable political power in any future British Government.





Jim Mellon

Jim MellonHeadline speaker Jim Mellon is famous for notching up the biggest ever success on the AIM market with Uramin, the company he co-founded in 2005 with $100,000 and sold in 2007 for $2.5 billion. With a substantial international property portfolio and interests in a variety of companies, particularly in the alternative energy and biotech sectors, Jim is a highly experienced and successful investor whose expert views were closely followed at last year’s Master Investor Show and will undoubtedly draw a large crowd again this year.

With 96% of 2014 attendees rating his talk Good or Excellent, he’s sure to draw big crowds again.

Darren Winters (Wealth Training Company)

Darren WintersDarren Winters is the number one attended investment speaker in the UK having personally trained over 300,000 people. He is the founder of Win Investing LLP and The Wealth Training Company LLP, which has been successfully training investors since year 2000. Darren is also a full time trader, international investment speaker, and investment writer. He has been investing for over 20 years, having traded in both the UK and the USA.

Day Trading and Swing Trading Master ClassLearn how a capture some of the biggest price moves with minimum risk when day trading (buying and selling the same day) and swing trading (holding trades from 2 days up to 8 weeks). You’ll be given the exact steps for two highly effective strategies for spread betting and share trading, along with 9 powerful chart patterns that every day trader and swing trader needs to know. You’ll also learn why many people consider swing trading to be the most profitable time frame to trade. This talk is suitable for beginners and experienced traders and will use real examples to explain each of the key techniques and strategies.

Simon Weston OBE – Director, Zappawoo Ltd

Simon is a veteran of the British Army who became well known for his recovery and charity work after suffering severe burn injuries during the Falklands War. Simon will be talking about his investment ideas, his involvement in Zapperwoo and his life experiences.


Merryn Somerset Web

Merryn Summerset WebbMerryn Somerset Webb is the Editor in chief of MoneyWeek and writes for the Financial Times, the Sunday Post and Saga Magazine and is a radio and television commentator on financial matters. In 1993, she became an institutional broker for SBC Warburg in Tokyo, where she stayed for five years. Returning to London in 1998 to work for BNP Paribas, she later became a financial writer for The Week. Two years later, in 2000, she took on the role of launch editor for the financial weekly MoneyWeek. In 2007 she wrote her first book Love is Not Enough, a personal finance book aimed at women. In 2011 she co-presented Superscrimpers for Channel 4.