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MI2014 Attendee

“To have a face to face presentation from a CEO allows me to make a personal judgement of a company. This shows not only allows me to listen, but also to ask the questions I want to ask”

Matthew Clist (investor)

“A very good show indeed. Thank you to all those who worked hard to make it such a successful day. I rate this as a not to be missed event for anyone investing in the small cap sector.”

Stuart Rice, Director of Marketing and Sales, Saxo Bank

“Having attended the event on several occasions in recent years, with Saxo Bank and previous companies, I consider the professionalism of the show to be highly complementary to Saxo Bank… the demographics of the delegates in attendance at Master Investor replicate the typical client of Saxo Bank.”

George Colman (Investor)

“Hi, I attended the show and was pleased that I did, I met several CEOs and Directors of small companies that I have invested in recently and that was interesting for me…well done all of you!”

Richard Purkis, Director, Stanley Gibbons Group plc (AIM)

“Stanley Gibbons found their attendance at Master Investor to be a very worthwhile experience. We found the attendees to be of excellent quality – high net worth individuals with open minds as to investing. We met a broad range of investors who have been positive on follow up. The excellent speakers were a particular draw for investors. Other pluses were the central venue and excellent catering facilities. We look forward to attending in the future.”

Peter Goddard (Investor)

“Just a quickie CONGRATULATIONS! e-mail to you both and also to all those others at who were involved in Master Investor. I’ve been to the last three shows and they simply get bigger and better each year. Indeed I wondered on Saturday if the Design Centre could one day become too small for the show. At your present rate of growth you might need an Olympia or an Earls Court in a few years! But Islington is well-suited I’m sure and I hope to be attending there for a good few years yet. To summarise: an excellent show once again – great presentations with highly regarded presenters – and an almost embarrassingly large number of company stands…Well done you!”

Andy Makeham, CEO, K3 Business Technology Group plc (AIM)

“Small cap listed companies ignore ‘retail investors’ at their peril. At K3 we have found that developing a coherent and structured PR programme that embraces retail as well as institutional investors has served us well. has proven to be very effective at helping spread the word amongst the ‘retail’ community.”

Ciaran Whitty, Broker Manager, Merchant Capital

“Overall, myself and my colleagues were impressed with the Master Investor Show. We found that our needs were dealt with in a timely and efficient manner and were pleased to see 2,000+ investors attend. As this was Merchant Capital’s first exhibition we have certainly taken a lot away from our experience.”

Tim Clarke, General Manager, ShareScope

“Master Investor was a great event: genuinely interesting and with expert speakers; huge attendance and our stand crammed from start to finish. The Design Centre in Islington, being a large, glass-roofed former Victorian market hall, also provides a far more conducive environment for an exhibition than the usual venues.”

John Wisbey, CEO, Lombard Risk (AIM)

“… an excellent event… a unique opportunity to meet existing and prospective retail investors face to face, explain our relatively complex product offering, and to gain a greater appreciation of the questions they have about the company”

David Hollidge, Partner, CSS Partners

“Great location, the venue was well organized and the assistants were very helpful. Most importantly, there were a significant number of visitors who were experienced investors. We will be sure to attend again next year.”

Carl Jackson, Director, RSM Tenon Group plc

“We were unsure as to whether this was the right audience but were very pleasantly surprised. We spoke to a huge number of investors, almost every one of whom was interested in the story. The retail investor is an important part of our IR strategy and this was an ideal forum to get in front of many of them.”

Tim Hair, Chamberlin plc

“We came to Master Investor because we want to get the message out to the investment community that we’re a small cap. We wanted to get that message particularly to retail investors…. in the final analysis it’s retail investors that influence the share price in small cap shares. A very successful day a lot of interest”

Wilf Boardman, Mechan Controls plc

“We’re delighted with Master Investor, this is the biggest turn out I’ve seen. We’re very impressed with the attendance at the stand – far more than we expected & we’re absolutely delighted”

Andrew Monk, VSA Capital

“It’s a great show for the retail clients to see companies and get a close understanding, when perhaps under normal circumstances they wouldn’t be allowed such good access which tend to be the preserve of the institutions. So it’s a good event for people to get to know, understand them and to network”